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鈥淓ating well is much easier if you know how to cook from scratch.鈥 National Food Strategy

鈥淎 recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.鈥 Thomas Keller


In Food at 澳门开奖结果, we believe that鈥痵tudents should develop a passion for creating dishes that are tasty, challenging, and well-presented. We want students to understand that commitment is important and that there will be times when work is difficult and a challenge, not just practically but also theoretically. Students should be keen to work in a team and understand that this ethic is important in the food industry. Our curriculum is challenging and enables students to understand how to cook food safely and hygienically, the importance of a healthy diet and nutrition, how and where food comes from, the choices that influence food and the scientific principles behind recipes. In addition to these students gain the skills required to allow them to cook confidently, affordably and in response to a brief. We equip learners with a wide variety of life skills, ranging from understanding preparation and cooking techniques, through to nutritional needs and health. Students are taught the importance of teamwork, whilst also understanding that at times there is a need to work independently.

All students will develop the creative, technical, and practical expertise needed to demonstrate a repertoire of skills confidently, to:

  • Develop independence and resilience.
  • Encourage teamwork and co-operation.
  • Build a classroom environment that is built on mutual respect and good behaviours.
  • To be able to analyse and evaluate.
  • to develop a passion for creating challenging, tasty, and well-presented dishes.
  • Instil a commitment to the subject.
  • To share knowledge and understanding.
  • To be persistent and never give up.
  • Become confident and creative individuals.

Students who achieve at level 2 might consider progression to level 3 qualifications post-16, such as:听

  • Level 3 Applied Certificate/Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition.
  • Advanced Technical Diploma in Professional Cookery.
  • T Level in Catering.

Students could also progress into employment or onto an apprenticeship. The understanding and skills gained through this qualification could be useful to progress onto an apprenticeship in the food industry through a variety of occupations within the sector, such as kitchen assistant, catering assistant, chef, and sous chef.

Curriculum Features

This qualification covers key subject areas, from food health and safety and information on key food groups and key nutrients, to recipe development, amendment, and evaluation. We seek to empower pupils with industry-relevant skills and knowledge appropriate to a range of growing sectors.

The curriculum aims to provide an understanding of;

  • health and safety relating to food, nutrition, and the cooking environment.听
  • legislation in the food industry.
  • the main food groups, key nutrients and what the recommended guidelines for a healthy diet.
  • Identify and understand food provenance.
  • identify factors that can affect food choice.
  • explore recipe development and how recipes can be adapted.
  • understand how to cater for people with specific dietary requirements.
  • demonstrate menu and action planning.
  • be able to evaluate and consider how to improve completed dishes.
  • demonstrate the application of practical skills and techniques through all aspects of the qualification content areas.
  • Explain how and why food is cooked and the functional properties of ingredients, to build up scientific understanding that underpins key food preparation and cooking processes.

Students will cook a repertoire of predominantly savoury dishes so that they are able to feed themselves and others a healthy and varied diet, they will become competent in a range of cooking techniques understand the source, seasonality, and characteristics of a broad range of ingredients, increasing their independence and decision-making skills

Our curriculum will enable students to:

  • Be safe 鈥 we set high expectations for all lessons with a strong emphasis on safe behaviours.
  • Understand 鈥 the principles of food safety, choice, health and nutrition, provenance, and food science.
  • Demonstrate 鈥 Food preparation, cooking skills and techniques.


We will enrich our curriculum by: 路鈥

  • Ensuring learners are equipped with a wide variety of life skills, ranging from understanding preparation and cooking techniques to how to choose ingredients based on there sensory characteristics.
  • Holding school competitions, such as an interform Bake-off.
  • Teaching students about a range of cultures and cuisines.
  • Ensuring students understand the attitudes and values surrounding food.
  • Ensuring students are informed about a wide variety of further learning opportunities and career pathways.
  • Supporting events in school such as culture days, Black History Month, and wellbeing sessions.

Students will have learning opportunities each year in PSHE and Science to study key concepts of healthy eating, health, and wellbeing. We also offer students opportunities to support with Open Evenings, catering for events in school and support with other staff and student cooking events.